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Tips for a balanced lifestyle

In order to live an entire life of joy and fulfillment, we must learn how to achieve balance. In order to achieve and manintain balance, we must each define what that means to us personally! "To thine own self be true", is a mantra you should repeat to yourself daily. What really makes you happy? Who do you really want to be in the world and how can you find purpose in your own personal evolution and be of service in this world? When we truly know and love ourselves physically, mentally and spititually we have inner peace and the energy to find joy in helping to create a better world. I believe in a cruelty free exisence and support action to save all humans, all animals and the earth. I struggled with the concept of how one could "love" themselves and be a good person and it took years and life experience to realize that in order to truly love all we must love ourself and that it does not have to manifest itself in a selfish manner. Therefore, I encourage you to love yourself by providing optimal nutrition, movement, relaxation in the form of really breathing and meditation, finding a cause to stand for and surrounding yourself with positive, supportive individuals as well as sending blessings to those who have yet to find self love, which truly is the light in all of us.


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