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Introduction to meditation and breathing

To just breathe and relax sounds much easier than it is! I have found that we are so over obligated in every area of our lives that the simple acts of breathing and mindful thoughtfulness seem overwhelming to many. I end every fitness session or group exercise class with a 5 minute breathing and relaxation session and encourage individuals to also try to incorporate some mindfulness or meditation. When breathing, take deep breaths through the nose into the belly and exhale at the same pace, relaxing all muscles of the body, it may help to lay on your back on the floor. I believe we all have the inner knowledge to find our own way to meditate and can choose our own mantras or method of clearing negative thoughts and I encourage you to do so as often as possible, even during daily activities. An example is to repeat a calming, positive affirmation while waiting in a long line as you may as well view and utilize this "enforced" time as a gift to yourself, rather than see it as a "waste" of your time! Namaste!

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